I'm currently brushing up on my Watchmen history.  I can't quite seem to finish the damn thing but it's only because I really want to appreciate it and lately my focus just hasn't been where I'd like it to be.  This isn't a comic, it's a graphic novel.  The pretty pictures help, but in between each chapter there are chapters to another book written by another character in the novel, NightOwl, which details much of the stories previous plot, but in my current state it's a bit overwhelming.  I can't believe I have the novel in front of me, yet I still watch the downloadable animated episodes on iTunes.  It's the exact same thing only animated and with voices.  The only downside is the narration by the male narrator during any scenes involving the ladies.  So yeah it gets pretty uncomfortable.  

EGM has the scoop in next months issue on The Watchmen:  The End Is Nigh.  It's the episodic video game prequel that will be available for download only on PC, PSN, and XBLA later this year leading up to the release of the movie coming sometime next year.  Until the issue ships and is in my hands I don't have much more details than that but I'll be sure to update once I've read downloaded The 1UP Show and seen it it.

UPDATE:  1UP has a sick desktop wallpaper for you to download if you're into that kinda thing.  Check them out here.