DISCLAIMER:  The following is my impression of the Mirror's Edge Demo not the full retail release.

This game is white, so white in fact I wouldn't be surprised if the Grand Wizard ends up being the final boss.  Nah I'm just messing but their is A LOT of white in this demo, and it's their for good reason, I'll mention why later.  It's jawdropping visuals are a sight for sore eyes.  If any game from a first person perspective is going for immersion this is it, and it accomplishes the task with flying colors.  It's an amazing blend of the racing game genre, first person, I wouldn't quite say shooter but for lack of a better term, shooter and a dash of platforming.  Do yourself a favor and play this on PS3.  The DualShock 3 is without a doubt better suited for this game.  The trigger and bumper layout on the 360 just feels like rape, it's ok for a second because at least you're getting some action but once get into it you remember you're getting raped, and it's all downhill from there.  I personally feel that the DualShock 3 lends it self to this game specifically because it allows your index and middle finger to stay planted on the shoulder buttons at all time without feeling the least bit like you are trying to hold a whale from going overboard.  As with most, if not all, FPS games you mostly rely on the shoulder buttons for most of your actions.  The mapping takes some getting used to and you will die plenty of times during your attempts but once you get used to it and most importantly memorize which button does what, you'll be golden.  L1 makes your character, Faith, jump, L2 is for low actions, such as sliding under railings or when combined with your attack button, R2, kickin or punching your enemies in the nuts, no seriously.  R1 makes Faith spin around 180 degrees for pulling the more tricky moves like wall jumping, not quite Ninja Gaiden style more so Prince of Persia.  

The face buttons are used for disarming opponents, triangle, slowing time down for easier disarms with square and circle is used to point you towards your objective should you get lost and you may but that's where runner vision comes in.  Remember I mentioned this game is white, well it's done to allow other colors to really stand out.  Runner vision paints your path red but not you're complete path only the objects and walls you must traverse to reach your goal.  You still must figure out how to accomplish that on your own.  The PS3 version does use some SIXAXIS but I find it's best used for rolling out of jumps by tilting it forward.  All other uses, like tilting left and right for balancing and beams and tilting backwards for disarming don't quite work so well.  Maybe I just fully haven't gotten the hang of it yet.  Demos are meant to leave a good impression on you that will hopefully assist you in your purchasing decision of the final product and this one has achieved it in spades.  I will definitely be picking this one up on November 13th.  You should too, if anything give the demo a try.  Next week, Left 4 Dead.