It's about time Game Videos put this up.  Kotaku had the video also but no embed link.  Anyway, looks like Activision know their target audience for Guitar Hero spot on.  It's kinda funny that the video below is marked XXX directors cut as it's quite obviously more revealing than the first but no where near as racey as other things I've seen on TV.  South Park can get away with showing a penis being torn apart yet they can't animate a prophet.  I don't understand.  Oh yeah and the second one is directed by Bret Ratner.  Hey Bret if you wanna make that Guitar Hero movie after all I won't hold you back bro, just make sure you make it about 2 hours or so of nothing but this.  Got it. Good.  So I assume the top one will air on Nickelodeon while the other will eventually be taken down by the 700 Club.  Oh well at least I get to enjoy them and so do you.  Please leave your lower case t's at the door.