This is Logitech's definition of ROCK!!!  That's triple the exclamation for almost triple the price.  Stand alone Guitar Hero Controllers usually go for about $70, this thing will go for $250 come December.  It's crafted from real wood down to the rosewood fret board, metal frets, metal tuning pegs, and even a humbucker, which I'm assuming is just for show.  I hate to be that guy who says "well if you're gonna spend that much on a fake guitar why not just buy a real guitar and take some lessons" so I won't.  Not everyone has the skill and talent to play guitar and I think the same goes for playing Guitar Hero,  Dragon Force on Expert anyone.

Seriously, if you have enough time on your hands to master Dragon Force on expert, I don't think you have much time to do anything else in life.  I'd also hate to say I'd never pick up something like this, because truth be told, I kinda dig it.  I'd prefer it black ofcourse but that's just me.  If I were handed one of these from the day I was born, ahem, I'd have no objection to it, how could I?  You can't control the powers that be.  Regardless, enjoy the pics.

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