Here is what the Nintendo DSi is capable of compared to the old DS lite model.  I seriously doubt it will perform this flawlessly though but it is rather neat.  Internet browser built in, SD card playback capability, two built in cameras, and a larger LED screen sounds like a win for me.  Nintendo has already clarified that the Nintendo Wii Store will be completely separate from the DSi Store which the newly configured DSi will have access to, yet it's still rad that they have finally gotten on the wavelength most consumers in the states are already on.  With Sony finally giving the PSP direct access to the PSN Store with firmware 5.0,  Nintendo's got some real work ahead of them, or they could completely ignore them as they have been all this time and continue to sell in the gabillions.  Last month alone they sold 537,000 DS Lites and 687,000 Wiis, in Wiis alone that's 243,000 more in September than in August.  No wonder that, 2 years later, I still can't walk into a retail store and pick one up.  Jesus. 

The Nintendo DSi will be released in Japan on November 1st.  Don't expect it here till fall 2009.