goes all hardcore on us and demonstrates what it's like to game in surround, 3 displays at the ready or 3840x1024 if you prefer, compared to 1280x1024.  Thats not necessarily standard def by any strecth of the imagination, but standard in the way that 4:3 is the ratio most standard def TVs display content in.  Standard def TVs can only display content in 480i, while some "enhanced" TVs can display progessive content giving credit to the P in 480p, which results in a resolution of 640x480 or 4:3.  That's why the same size 37 inch tv in standard def as opposed to a 37 inch high def widescreen tv gives you a clearer picture.  1280x720 or 16:9 is the more accurate way of displaying widescreen content and it's what the PS3 and Xbox 360 are capable of, however in the PC gaming world the ability to change out your video card on the fly is what keeps these snobby little geeks a cut above the rest.  With the ability of hooking up 3 displays to one rig you create a surrounding display which gives you a wider viewing area of the battlefield, well at least in Call of Duty 4's place, and lets you see stuff others can't helps alleviate, and if you're good enough eliminate the "where are they shooting me from" situations I'm sure you constantly find yourself in. 

It's sad that Sony at one point in the PS3's life cycle had plans, to the point of announcing the feature at E3, to incorporate dual displays from one machine.  They would have taken the industry by storm had they followed through with it.  Imagine splitscreen without the screen being split, but actually actually meaning two screens.  I guess they figured, who would have two 50 inch hi def screens at home fuck I'd a figured something out or maybe the it was too much for the PS3 to handle dual HD display.  The world may never know, but it would of been sick.

Regardless, go check out the video at WideScreenGamingForum.com of Call of Duty 4 in action and see what I mean.  Maybe you'll finally start putting some funds together and pick up that hi def TV you've been eyeing and justify it to your self by explaining how your rank would finally go up if you could only see who's shooting at you.  Right, that's what they always say, unless it's a beta, then all fingers point to

Player 1 "hey bro it must be cool to rely on glitches to...
Player 2  "frag out"*BOOM*
Player 1 "hey bro, what the fuck bro, fuck you bro!"
Player 2  "frag out"*BOOM*
Player 1  Connection Interrupted.  Host has ended the game.