Awhile back on the 1UP Show they demonstrated the power of the Korg DS-10 and I was floored with it's possiblities.  Now that I'm no longer part of a functional band Now that I can work on music the way I used to,  I may reconsider picking a copy of the DS-10 after all.  For those not in the know, the DS-10 is a fully functional Korg synth which can take the place of, basically any idiot who plays keys in your band.  You can create your own patches and patterns, however I'm not one to use this as a sole intrument for performance as electronic music is not my cup of tea, but throwing this into a compostion made up of plenty of other instruments would be hella rad.  Sure, Fruity Loops and Reason are by and large undeniably more fully robust sequencers, but this is compact and can stand alone as an instrument in your line up.  The reason I'm posting this now is due to recent news of who will be stocking this killer ap in the states.  See the DS-10 has been available in Japan for quite sometime but as with many other things Japanese, Nintendo region locks their systems, so asking my bro to find me a Japanese DS let alone a copy of the software would be a hassle and a HOFF half.  Luckily Korg and Nintendo found it would kick all sorts of ass if they brought it over seas, however the following are the only brick-and-mortars to carry it:

  • Hollywood/GameCrazy
  • Fry's
  • Micro Center
  • EB Canada (not in U.S. GameStops)
  • J&R
  • Best Buy (still not committed)

For those who don't like venturing out in the world without the company of their guild, currently has it listed for $3 cheaper than the B to the Ms and with free shipping FTW!  It's expected to release on Nov 4th, so if you have a DS and are looking to go all Crystal Method on us by all means hit this up, post your music on MySpace and tell Lylah, "the is new wave bitches."  Yep up and out.