I've seen some sickass modded consoles in my life, but none that I care for nearly as much as this Metal Gear Solid 4 PS3.  This thing is just unbelievable.  The simple thought of how much work went into creating this masterpiece is leaving me speechless.  I've never been too fond of the Tom Selleck look KojiPro gave Solid Snake for the boxart of MGS4, I tend to lean more towards Yoji Shinkawa's art style, but nonetheless you can't deny this is simply stunning.  Complete with autographs of the man himself, Hideo Kojima, as well as that of model Yumi Kikuchi, who's fully digitized face and body made for a hot looking Naomi Hunter and Raging Raven in the game.  Maybe if I would have stuck to my guns and done The Lipstick Device instead of joining every band that I came in contact with I'd be successful enough to pick this up at it's current, as of this post, $7300 price tag.  Yes it's up on eBay,  and includes all sorts of extras, yet of upmost importance, my hat goes off to Morpheon Mods for providing 15% of the proceeds to Child's Play, a non-profit organization that dedicates itself to providing toys and video games to Children's Hospitals across the nation.  I've donated to Child's Play in the past because I think that if I was battling it out with some kind of disease in the real world, I would love nothing more than to spend my time playing some Call of Duty 4 to escape the reality.

So even if it's something you could never possibly even dream of owning or you just flat out hate Hideo Kojima's work, that's blasphemy by the way, you should still go check this out.  You won't be disappointed.