If you haven't heard by now, T-Mobile's iPhone Killer Android powered G1 is about to be released, October 22nd to be exact and Engadget has "the definitive review."  Go check it out.  They go so in depth the review is split into two parts, the first is hardware and the second is software.  To be quite honest I expected a bit more aesthetically, with the iPhone and so many other phones tearing at each others neck to be the thinnest, smallest, most capable phone out there, this thing looks like it couldn't get enough at the buffet line.  It's a little too old school looking for my tastes, I'm a sucker for slick looking gadgets even if they lose some functionality in the process, like the new MacBooks without FireWire even though the new Sony Vaio's come with HDMI outputs AND Blu-Ray burners, what's up Steve-O, oh wait that's right, Blu-Ray is just a "bag of hurt"

Regardless with Google just today announcing the release of the Android SDK and Source to the public, it seems like the skies the limit for kickass apps and customizing the shit out of your phone, if you know you're way around them codin skills.  At the moment thought only Mac OS X and Linux systems are supported so all you chumps running Windows are SOL.  Anyone one picking this up?