D3 Publisher, is  well known for it's super shitty, yet undeniably fun releases. I've witnessed this first hand as I have played plenty a game of Earth Defense Force with "ma lady."  The plus side to their games is that they are ALWAYS budget titles and are ALWAYS sold at budget prices.  So I applaud them for that.  However with OneChanbara, I may only be able to do the one handed clap.  The other hand will be busy taking the game out of it's box and putting it in my Xbox 360, sickos.  I've had friends ask me what hell is this OneChanbara game listed in your profile.  Well fellas, the video above will half explain it, however the frame it has chosen as a thumbnail should fully justify it.  OneChanbara is a hack and slash zombie slayer game with two sisters, Aya and Saki, in bikinis.  Well at least one of them is in a bikini, the other is only half kickass due to her choice of attire, dressing in a school girl outfit.  Props but not mad props.  Sadly the game will be coming out on Wii first, at least in the states, the game has been out for quite sometime on the 360 in Japan at least and thank god D3 saw that bringing it to the states would be worth their while.  C'mon who wouldn't want to play this, well ok gays of course, they like cock, nothing wrong with that, but me I like ladies in bikinis.  I was close to importing this back in the day but I hate not knowing my way around menus, see as it's in Japanese, so when I heard back in January it would finally be making it's way over here officially my pants got tight and I lost my sight.  Sorry couldn't help myself.  The following are screens of the Wii version.  Which would you rather play?  The one with waggle or...sorry, sorry I know, I'll just stop there.