It sure as hell is.  This ones a bit late but I just now got around to posting it.  I remember picking up the first Parasite Eve on a whim at the local EB Games.  I saw the SquareSoft Logo, combined with some compelling box art, did the usual flip around to read the bulletpoints and was sold.  As I constantly point out, I'm a sucker for female protagonists in my digital rummaging, and Aya Brea was the creme de la creme of kick ass vaginas.  The minute I popped the disc in I didn't regret my purchase for a second.  I never really got into the whole Final Fantasy thing, as blasphemous as that sounds to the nerds, I just couldn't get into the characters,  although I've heard so much about this Aeris character and how it's most tear jerking scene in video game history, obviously these nerdos have never played Metal Gear Solid 3, so I looked it up on you tube and yeah it's no MGS3 ending but if I would of watched it at home rather than at work, I might have shed a tear. 

Back to Parasite Eve, Aya Brea was a completely different story.  The story was compelling, the music was captivating yet the gameplay was of the genre I never really cared for.  I'm not big on RPGs and yet this one, with all it's random encounters, turnbased combat and frustrating movement control sucked me in like a post-fat Ashlee Simpson blow up doll.  Then came Parasite Eve 2 on September 12th, 2000, which got a lot of flak for being more action oriented the it's predecessor, however I took as more of a positive since the games direction was now heading more towards my type of gameplay.  Fast forward 8 years later and, formerly SquareSoft, Square Enix announce Parasite Eve 3, wait for it, FOR CELLPHONES, not only that but only in Japan.  In Japan though that's nothing new as my brother tells me all the time Japanese eat up tiny gadgets like crazy, not only that their cellphones are way more advanced than ours.  Yeah even the iPhone ain't got shit on Japanese phones.  Now fast forward a few months more from that announcement and we finally get confirmation that Parasite Eve 3: The 3rd Birthday will be coming to PSP.  It's far from the "next-gen" version I wish we'd get but with Final Fantasy XIII and Versus XIII still in development and an expected release date of fucked if I or anyone else knows Fall 2010, I'm sure I'll be waiting for quite a while yet, well worth the wait.