Well first we were given a date, November 19th, now we are also given an upgrade program for those poor saps who decided to go with the Arcade GIMPED Pack for the "next-gen" experience.  Don't worry guys I don't blame you, I blame Microsoft for not including a hard drive in every Xbox 360 from the get go. 

Regardless this is one sweet deal and I'm glad Microsoft finally came around to it's senses, although it's not all THAT great if you happen to already have a hard drive.  Major Nelson, via Engadget, has provided some details on the memory upgrade offer required to take full advantage of the New Xbox Experience.  The NXE dash update will require 128MB of space to take full advantage of NetFlix streaming, as well as a little cubby hole for them new Avatars they got there.  So here's a quick rundown of what's available to you deadbeats

Microsoft will be giving away free 512MB memory units, $20 20GB HDDs to Core owners, and a $30 20GB HDD + 3 months of Xbox Live package to Arcade owners looking to upgrade and most importantly if you qualify.  Notice before I said the deals not all that great.  Well it's because there's no offer to upgrade with same type of discount to the 120GB to those who already own a 20GB HDD, but hey with the ass raping they give with ridiculously overpriced proprietary HDDs, $20 is really where they should be priced at originally, it's not a bad time to pick one up.  If anyone has a chance and has a 20GB system, punch in your serial number and console ID and let me know what it says.  I'm away from my box at the moment otherwise I'd give it a shot and report back.  Here's the link the the site.