Than have years of work go down the tubes.  With the former at least I'd be dead and not remember what it's like to work on shit for years and al;kjdfal;kjhfa weoihwfdiou;hwfeio;hfao;iuherawl.  Yeah that's what it's like.  I was in the middle of working on the podcast and my hard drive crashed if Data Rescue can't recover my files I will have just lost about 8 years of work, music, video and yes even the podcast I was working on, if it does I will consider myself EXTREMELY lucky.  I think about having back ups but they could just as easily fail.  I have no fucking clue what to do.  I was also in the process of posting my excitement for getting my Call fo Duty: World at War multiplayer beta code, but I'm fucking annoyed and aggrevated.  FUCK!!!!!!!!!!