Bungie's HUGE E3 announcement this year was canceled at the last minute for reasons Microsoft won't disclose.  I guess they assumed that Read It 2: Revenge of the Literary Works Scene It: Box Office Smash, would drop jaws like a Hiroshima-Nagasaki.  They didn't, and gamers were pissed, as was Bungie who had a viral campaign and website ready to reveal the surprise at Microsofts press conference.   The press conference came and went with not even the slightest peep of anything Halo Related. Don Mattick, or as I like to call him Not-Peter-Moore, called the shots and decided that he should drop it like it's hot and go with the Final Fantasy XIII coming to Xbox 360 announcement and kick Sony fanboys in the balls.  Not-Peter-Moore stated in interviews later that day there would be a better place and time for Bungie's HUGE announcement.  Well kids, that time is the Tokyo Game Show and that time is now.  Here's the debut trailer for Halo 3: Recon, a whole new single-player campaign/expansion/prequel that amazingly, revolves around a Not-Master-Chief UNSC palooka.  So, Not-Master-Chief, lets wait and see how much ass you can kick.  Enjoy.  Oh yeah and don't expect it till this time next year.