That's what my friend Tony and I sound like to other people, like those in the pic on the right, that's a guy by the way, arrested for prostitution and has nothing to do with this post other that to provide a slight chuckle, who try to eavesdrop on our conversations.  Why? Because we are badass and like to talk about coding and computers, granted he's around this stuff way more than I am since he does this for a living, I on the other hand like to mess around with code that's already set and fuck around with the settings.  Our other friend Adrian who goes to school for this stuff is the exact opposite.  He'll just sit there and complain about how he could do it better or how you are doin it wrong, that's why no one talks to him and that's why I can freely write this because he doesn't read this blog.  In the butt.

So anyway, Tony visits this site and from time to time and probably pities my coding skills, I know I do.  Being the stallion he is, he wrote up a JavaScript for me to use on my blog so that I can now post pics within an entry and have them pop up all sick style.  So I'm demonstrating how this will work on this particular post so you can get used to it for any later entries I decide to use it on.  Let me know what you guys think and also let him know what you think in the comments section. 

Also feel free to visit his site at

Yes, I change my mind again.. again... and again.