UPDATE 2: GOT IT!!! Kel rocks my balls!!! Although I can't watch it I'll be HDTV-less for about the next 2 WEEKS!! Standard Def I refuse to go back to you and your..*gasp*..ugliness

UPDATE 1: Not necessarily an update but I read this on Engadget's website and thought it was weird.  Dell is offering Iron Man as a preloaded movie with any PC you purchase.  That's random as all hell although if any movie is gonna start off this trend it may as well be this one.  On the ther hand:  IDIOTS. Original post below.

Iron Man comes out today.  Wait, wait, let me rephrase that. IRON MAN COMES OUT TODAY!!  Wait, sorry one more time.  IRON MAN COMES OUT TODAY ON BLU-RAY!!!!!  It sure does and I don't have a penny in my pocket.  It's not because The Man took it from me or because a bunch of old crusty crackers out in the D.C. area didn't pass a bill that would of raped saved my burger flippin irresponsible ass from buying a house I knew I couldn't afford, but it's cool I had good intentions for me and my 20 fucking kids.  

No I'm just pennyless at the moment plain and simple.  Yeah I know there are wars being fought, disease, Barbara Streisand, but should that mean Iron Man can't come into my warm loving house, apt, home.  There's plenty of room in my PS3 right now, so he can come over and kickass in there all he wants.  Hell, if Optimus Prime and the gang have been kicking it in my HD-DVD player for the past year or so, Iron Man is more than welcomed.  So what the hell are you doing sitting down reading this.  IRON MAN GET!!