You see that up there to the left.  That's Google's new Android powered phone for Satan T-Mobile.  See that there to the right.  That's Google's patent, that if combined with their Android OS, could possibly take over the world and make my relationship with my iPhone more of a "friends with benefits" type.  I love my iPhone.  Compared to my old HTC Mogul with Sprint, my iPhone is simple stunning.  With both phones having the touchscreen ability, full scope of the "internets", GPS and the ability to run amazingly well thought out applications, some not so much, comparing both I feel is fair.  Both phones have their pros and cons and as much as I love my iPhone, there are a couple of things my Mogul could do without any hacking or voiding of warranty that my iPhone just can't.  I'll get into that on a later post, this one here is to talk a bit about Android and Googles crazy ideas of pushing forward with open source applications and of course an open source OS.

The G1 will be out on October 22nd with it's service being provided by T-mobile.  If you're a current customer a G1 will rid your wallet of $179 with a two-year contract or $399 without one.  I'm not entirely clear on whether or not avoiding a contract will allow you to use the phone on another carrier, but I'm guessing it won't, which leads me to the Google patent I pointed you to earlier.  This patent would allow the phone it self to choose a carrier based on which one would provide the best service and price before every call you make.  Check out Engadget's entry on this.