Here I was thinking Max Payne The Movie would be just, alright.  After watching this trailer I think they may have finally gotten their shit straight.  I know plenty of people, some who actually played this game at sometime in their life, who were wondering why there were "flying monster bats" pulling people out of windows.  Well the game itself had plenty of references to Norse mythology and them there ain't bats son, they're Valkyries.

In the first Max Payne the drug that causes all the ruckus was called Valkyr.  So there you go.  It's one of those situations where you remember after reading up on it and it's all "Aye, mira that's right, mira, I member".  Ok I didn't really expect to write this much, I honestly just wanted to say watch it but I couldn't help it.  It's fuckin SICK!!!  Go brush up on your Max Payne history or just go play the games.  They are just under 10 bucks on Steam and probably even EB and they are hella rad.