My lady seems to be rather fond of this game called Buzz! Yes you have to add the exclamation mark.  After watching a bit on The 1UP Show, it seemed like something Kel would like and I've grown to like it myself.  She loves trivia games so I figured why the hell not.  Besides after watching her cheat so many times at Monopoly, with close to every game ending with me goin all Katrina on the poor citizens of Monopoly, I had to find a way to redeem myself.  So I picked up my digitized cash and headed to Circuit City.  I was looking forward to playing Read It Scene It on Xbox 360 but after playing Buzz! I don't think I could digress to the latter.  Where Scene It tries to be funny, Buzz! genuinely is.  Most Importantly thanks to my A.D.D. Buzz! keeps me involved by always keeping me entertained.  Scene It seems like it goes on for ages because it makes you READ!!  The controllers though, god damn those controllers are slick on Scene It although the decision to go with infrared is way beyond me.  Regardless wireless is the new photoshopped ladies of Maxim.  I almost caved and bought that shitty game just for the controllers.  

Now the tables have turned and Buzz! Quiz TV is coming to the PS3 through PSN and full retail Blu-Ray version.  The PSN version will obviously just net you the game while the full retail version will come bundled with fully wireless bluetooth controllers that would function even if a fat chick gnawing on a goat was sprawled out in front of the PS3.  The PS2 version came with USB wired controllers and holy fuck if that's not considered a mess.   Although they are 100% forward compatible with the PS3 version of Buzz! don't let Kel find out or you will find yourself waking up to more than just a horse head at the foot of your bed like I said Wireless is the new Maxim and who wouldn't want photoshopped ladies all up on their junk.  This new version also supports this fancy ass thing called Playstation Network.  That's free to any PS3 owner *coughXBOXLIVEcough*  So my friend Henry and Kel are gonna battle it up and all hell is gonna break loose.  Sony's really been pushing the whole user created content, LittleBigPlanet, and it's seems like Buzz! Quiz TV will benefit from that as well.  The MyBuzz! website is up and running ready for you to get your trivia question ready for the full release on September 23rd.  I'm kinda dreading this because it's means I won't be able to play anything else since Kel will be glued to the TV now trying to take out Henry every chance she gets.  At least she'll give Scrabulous a rest.