Ok, so I didn't pick up the first Skate mostly because it didn't allow you to play as a chick.  I know that sounds gay.  If you're a lesbian.  I'm a guy and I just can't get into watching a dude skate around if I don't have to.  Tony Hawk's Project 8 did it and I loved that game for it.  Tony Hawks Proving Nothing More Than Hey I Should Give It Rest For Awhile Until I Can Think Of Better Ideas Not Just Adding In Snowboarding Cuz I'm Tony Hawk Not Shaun "FUCKING CARROT TOP JR" White Ground, yeah I wouldn't touch that with a stick, besides it got it's balls handed to it.  I apreciate their reason for not doing so and I honestly think Black Box devoloped an awesome fucking skating game for focusing on what makes a good skating game good.  However a year later and the wait has paid off in more ways than one.  You can now get off your board to move stuff like benches and other obstacles around the environment and create new lines to skate.  You also no longer have to walk skate back up a fucking hill to try your trick again.  You can set up markers that let you retry at the press of button.  Nice.  Most Important of all ofcourse is the create-a-skater now supports the ladies.  LET'S.  FUCKING. DO. HER.  THIS!!