UPDATE #2: BASTARDS!  Before I was able to freeze that moment in time.  The link is no longer working.  Maybe I wanted it so bad, I didn't realize it was a dream.   

UPDATE: Well soon came sooner than I thought. Go here to listen to one of their new songs.  Being in a band myself I know things don't always pan out the way you wish they would.  So I'm not getting my hopes on a tour just yet.  Although, Superman and Batman do some awesome shit sometimes and The Jealous Sound are my superheros.  Chop-Chop fellas.  Lets do something amazing.  Original story below.

The Jealous Sound are one of my favorite bands.  They've also been on a pretty long hiatus.  So to find the pic above on their MySpace along with a cryptic post that simply says coming REAL soon, has brought a HUGE smile to my face.  Considering I don't really listen to much music anymore, unless you count the Bionic Commando: Rearmed Soundtrack (up on Itunes), this is HUGE.  I can't fucking wait.  Hopefully Jim will realize that Americana crap isn't cutting it, and Sparta will come back as well.  I would say I'd look forward to At The Drive-in also, but I think some things are best left in the memory banks.

Cross your fingers, not your eyes folks.