UPDATE: See that pic above(Kmart ad).  I think that pretty much settles the rumor thing for now. Kotaku posted this along with a RadioShack circular that places the cherry nicely on top.  Now....we wait.  Original story is posted below.

So rumor has it the Xbox 360 will drop in price dramatically starting on or around September 7th.  The price drops are as follows:

Xbox 360 Arcade (no hard drive) from $279 to $199
Xbox 360 Pro (20GB hard drive) from $349 to $299
Xbox 360 Elite (sexy ass black enclosure and 120GB hard drive, Andrew Hite you sir are a dick) from $449 to $399

I'm wondering if this will have any affect on Nintendo's, still to this fucking day, ability to sell every single one of their systems the minute they hit the retail channel.  I'm very curious to see how this plays out.  Sony is still fucked pretty bad due to cost being the biggest barrier to entry with the PS3.  I honestly believe, at least with PSN, that the quality to quantity ratio with downloadable titles compared to XBLA is just untouchable.  Sony doesn't fuck around when it comes to their PSN store.  Mandatory installs, no set infrastructure for online play, and firmware updates that take longer to complete than it would for me to finish this post and your mom 5 times over, aside, I love my PS3.  Fucking machine is built like a tank.  There's no doubt that if satan would grab an Xbox 360 in one hand and PS3 in the other, the Xbox 360 would just disintegrate and the PS3 would become a sick ass Harley bustin rad fucking wheelies yelling "lets ride bitch."

I'm really looking forward to seeing whether this does anything to boost sales of the Xbox 360 compared to the Wii, knowing the latter will by then be $50 dollars more expensive than Microsoft's red-ringing beast.  I'm more so interested in seeing whether this matters to average joe-blow consumer who doesn't read up on gadgets and gizmo's and just goes by what the guy behind the counter at Target has to say about something he was no fucking clue about.  Seriously, I have a friend at work who was in awe at how his friend was able to turn on his Xbox 360 with a wireless control.  This is 4 years after the Xbox 360 has been out.  I'm so looking forward to this.  Yeah people are fighting wars outside my door, diseases causing people to lose limbs, tallest woman in the world finally passes away but this, this is what I'm looking forward to.

I'm not the most informed on many things but at least I try.  Sometimes I wonder if people know how to put on a condom.  Probably not, at least not the mexicans.  Hey at least trailers will continue to sell, and burn.  Ok well it'll give the fire department something to do.  Fuck.  I should just stop.  LIKE NOW.