Democrats. Republicans. Liberals. Jews. Spicks. Blacks. All worthless labels used to categorize people. Go vote so that we can continue down the same path. The path that continues to reward lazy ass creeps who continue to poke their wives popping out 20 kids a minute while living in shithole that burns down. No one should force you to help anyone. Your heart should tell you when someone needs your help. If it doesn't then you should be given a gun and be shipped out to Iraq to learn a thing or two.

Enjoy voting for Hillary but don't complain when you are forced to pay for someone else's health care when they are not willing to get off their ass and work for it.  Don't vote for LABELS, vote for people.
Don't complain when we start another war without a declaration of war. People are being slaughtered all around the world yet we pick Iraq. Those guys are extremists. THEY WILL NOT CHANGE. You guys have seen Pat Robertson on the 700 Club. Jesus couldn't suck that guys nuts well enough to make him change a light bulb, so why would someone whose ideals are even more extreme. They have been brought up and educated entirely different and don't know any better. I would proudly have fought in WWII. Iraq, not a chance. I support our troops at the moment only because they are soldiers and soldiers are designed to follow orders. THEY HAVE NO CHOICE. In a country where freedom is thrown around like Hannah Montana is with her dad and brothers, it's pretty ironic.

This is NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN. Times change, old people rarely do. I don't blame them. I'd have enough on my hands trying to change my depends every thirty minutes.

Please direct me to where this change is everyone keeps talking about, I'd appreciate it. I don't know why I bother with long lines when I can enjoy life from the comfort of my own home.


PS. Mexican is a nationality by the way. You're only Mexican if you were BORN in Mexico.