So here we go.  The Devices In Shift blog fell apart, mostly because serendipity sucks but also due to the band I'm in and the guys not really approving of my non music related entries.  I don't blame them.  So I said fuck that I'm starting a separate blog where I can write about anything I want.  Devices In Shift is still very much a band but there just isn't much to talk about on that end.  So this is Ask An Enemy.  Now,  Ask An Enemy is the name I came up with for our record label, however we aren't ex members of badass bands that allow us the luxury of making a record label worth a crock.  Although we still will include the logo (the pic above done by Red Letter Day Design) and the name Ask An Enemy Records on all future recordings we release not only because I say so, but because it's badass.  I love the name because it allows me to say what I want, as I often do, while also liberating me of the need to explain myself, hence the enemy.  Only ignorance and the lack of a sense of humor, no matter how fucked up, will get you scolded here. 

Anyway, I had some previous entries from the old blog that I'll import to this new one since I feel they relate quite well.  Some maybe a bit outdated but it adds content to the site, while I find other things to write about.  Hopefully I'll continue to do more podcasts with more people than just myself, since the fellas in my band are gay and don't understand the awesomeness that is a podcast.  We'll see though.  I like dancing with my pants on, some people don't.  This is how I dance, and this is how I got a new trachea.