As I sit here watching the Ubisoft press conference I can't help but think of how Microsoft not only nailed their announcements but also put the cherry on top by cutting straight to the chase and showing nothing but gameplay for most if not all of them. Ubisoft seems to be struggling with their english talking alot about what they will be doing without showing much of anything. James Cameron just came on stage for some Terminator, oh wait, Avatar. It sounds kinda interesting. Cameron's Avatar sounds a lot like that Bruce Willis movie where people take control of people who aren't real. Can't think of the name of it at the moment. Hey Ubisoft, good thing you brought Joel McHale to make up for your boring ass press conference.  Even the anticlimactic Assassin's Creed 2 trailer wasn't enough to make up for it.  All the Ubisoft staff seemed pumped and passionate about what though, I have no clue.